Autumn 2020
Oliver Peoples

I was given the opportunity by my close friend, Thibault De Schepper, to take part in an editorial for Oliver Peoples with my partner Thomas Langhendries in the comfort of our own home. I feel very privileged to represent this brand that I have long been fond of. The Oliver Peoples team asked me 2 questions to consider…

When you think of the word classic, what does that mean to you?

When I look at synonyms for the word ‘classic’, I think of words such as ‘elegant’, ‘understated’, ‘timeless’ and ‘uncluttered’. I wouldn’t associate the word classic with my art, yet more so with my daily life. I like to function in a decluttered environment and to surround myself with objects that are understated, elegant and timeless.

How do you balance between traditional principles of art while still keeping your work modern and relevant?

A painting doesn’t need to tick all the boxes of traditional principles of art to be relevant. The balance between traditional principles of art while still keeping my work relevant and modern flows organically throughout or within my work, since these principles all relate back to visual elements in a work of art. Things like pattern; the use of the similar colour patterns seen throughout my paintings. Another one is contrast; in my work there is mainly a texture contrast, the colour contrast between the smoother areas and the more textured areas. Then there is movement; I use directional and bold brushwork for creating movement, this is one of the most effective techniques for creating movement in my works. And lastly, balance; when looking at my diptych series ‘Obscure Kin’, there is a harmonious balance between each canvas since one cannot live without the other. The traditional principles of art mainly serve the viewer to place some sort of objective reasoning behind why they appreciate a specific work of art. However, when making, I try to never overthink these principles, since a work of art can still be impressive or relevant if they only demonstrate one or a few traditional principles of art.

Photography by Thibault De Schepper.